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Yes, there are few bookmark extensions like Favicon Changer, I Hate Your Favicon and Bookmark Favicon Changer on the Chrome Web Store that enable us to change the Chrome bookmarks icons manually but they can change the bookmark icon of a web URL not of a bookmark folder.

You can use any image that you want in place of the original icon for the bookmark.I have more bookmarks in that toolbar than Firefox was able to display which lead to the unfortunate situation that the last ones were not shown in this toolbar anymore.I am looking for a quick way to access my bookmarks in Google Chrome from a single mouse click.

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How to change app icons on your Android phone. One of the coolest is to change the icons for your apps. shortcut or bookmark whose icon you wish to change.

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You can use the Favicon Changer Chrome Extension to easily and quickly change bookmark icons on your Chrome bookmark bar to anything you want.Sometimes the default icon attached to a bookmark is too similar to another icon.Then click Settings, and select the Always show the bookmarks bar option.

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To add the bookmark toolbar to Chrome, click on the Customize Google Chrome option at the top right of the browser window.

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The icon for the bookmark will now be changed, and even the webpage favicon will be changed.

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Now, open Google Chrome and visit the site(s) that have the favicon you want displayed in your Bookmarks bar.

Want access to your Chrome bookmarks without adding a toolbar or relying on auto-complete typing.Working with Favorites in Microsoft Edge. only mode as well to save space and display only bookmark icons and not. open Chrome, import Edge bookmarks,.Firefox automatically has the favorites bar visible, but in Chrome it is hidden by. when you press the Wrench looking icon. favorites but a bookmark bar.I recently answered a question regarding the boomark icons in Chrome.I want to change the icon on the Chrome shortcut on my desktop and I got to the place to change it but it says it has to be an icon file so how do I change.Manually Change Toolbar Icon Firefox Bookmarks I just bought a laptop with 8.1, and i cant find the bookmark button like the one on windows Open the Customize window.

The good news is you pin sites to the Start menu using Chrome,.How to Customize Favorites Bar Title Widths in Internet. favorite bookmarks to a blank name so that only the icon.

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Perform a Google search for Bookmark FavIcon Changer or click that link.