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Siamese cats are classified into two main groups: Traditional and Modern.The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat.

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Cat guide for the Balinese, cat breed information, description, cat colors, cat behaviors, and cat care for the Balinese Cats, Long Haired Siamese Cats, Oriental Longhair.

Locate Russian Blue kittens for sale from responsible cat breeders. info on cat breeds and expert.

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They are medium-sized with deep blue eyes and a unique thin, tapered, and kinked tail.

Personality: Siamese cats are very active, talkative and curious cats.

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While ranking among cat breeds often varies, most of the same breeds appear every year in the CFA list of the 10 most popular cat breeds.

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Not only that, they are also the oldest breed of domestic cats around.

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The Siamese has really changed looks over the last few decades.The Siamese comes in two types: show and traditional. The show.Some Himis do look a bit more like longhaired Siamese cats,.This article discusses the top 30 breeds of domestic cats, from the elegant Abyssinian to the distinctive Sphynx.This is one of the different types of cat breeds that is said to have descended from the sacred temples of cats in Siam (Thailand).

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Cat breeds that may be a good choice if you are allergic to cats include the Balinese, Russian Blue, Siberian, Devon and Cornish Rexes, and more.

Siamese cats are beautiful, elegant, intelligent, and lovable.

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Siamese have a rich history and have contributed to the development of several other breeds.

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Enjoy viewing some different types of Siamese cats in this slideshow.I will describe the Lynx color points and show pictures of these lynx. of the original oriental type cats. Siamese Cat History: Snow Tiger (Lynx.Cute photos of Maine Coon, Sphynx, American Shorthair and other popular cat breeds.

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Types of Siamese cats. but these guidelines will help you to identify the main Siamese cat types.Siamese cats seek interaction with humans and tend to enjoy the company of other.

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Due to its popularity, the Siamese cat breed has been used to form many modern cat breeds including the Ocicat, Himalayan, Burmese, Tonkinese, Korat, Snowshoe, and myriad Oriental breeds (Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, Colorpoint Shorthair, Colorpoint Longhair, Balinese, and Javanese).The Siamese breed is the most recognizable type of cat in the world.